BTS's Jimin is hailed as the most 'Fashionable School Gang Leader of BTS' by ELLE Japan!

On February 2, Tuesday, BTS's main dancer and lead vocalist Jimin has been granted the title of the 'Fashionable School Gang Leader of BTS' by ELLE Japan. The magazine commended BTS Jimin's sense of fashion from flaunting plain clothes to rocking the runway with his 'Chanel,' 'Dior,' and 'Celine,' outfits.

BTS Jimin also seemed to have taste in wearing accessories to which the ladies of the current era loves the most when worn by a man. Fans who have been solo stanning BTS Jimin shared their thoughts on Twitter following ELLE Japan's granting of fashion title to Jimin.

It's not just ELLE Japan who recognized BTS Jimin's fashion sense but also other magazines such as Indonesia's IDN Times, which featured the '9 Mix and Match Shirt Ideas in the Style of BTS Jimin, Really Stylish' all inspired by the K-pop idol himself.

Moreover, Jimin's style also reflects his personality, and sometimes through it, he tends to steal the show with just his incredible fashion charisma and killer moves.

Adding to the list of fashion magazines commending BTS Jimin's fashion choices is US magazine InStyle, which featured his '5 Signature Park Jimin Fashion Moves that Make Us Soft.' According to InStyle's article, Jimin is described as someone whose many fans admire fashion sense, visuals, and talents.

InStyle further noted that BTS Jimin's fashion is something cool, always iconic, and very intriguing. Other publications in which BTS Jimin's fashion style has been featured include Vogue, Celine and YSL, Paper Magazine, Grazia Magazine, GQ Magazine, Wall Street Journal, and Tommy Hilfiger Japan.

BTS Jimin truly is as incredible as other fashion icons nowadays. Tune here on The KpopReporter for more updates on your favorite idols, comebacks, debuts, and more!