Recently, an online netizen expressed its outrage at a previous participant featured on MBC Every 1's show 'Video Star.' This episode was broadcasted in 2019. However, the forum user had recently discovered this episode and got infuriated after watching it.

Bocheng and Bruno were participants on the show. They were international celebrities of the first generation which appeared on Korean TV 16 years ago. They were featured on an interactive educational TV channel, experiencing the Korean culture.

It was all good until Bocheng, one of several participants from Hong Kong, was asked if he happened to know who Dara was.

"For whatever reasons, the beautiful girls in Korea all have the same appearance," he stated. He didn't know who she was. The moderators questioned him about what it means but were surprised by Bocheng, who said, "They look all the same because the same surgeon performs cosmetic surgery." (via Allkpop)

You can see Dara's puzzled face, as his argument rapidly infuriated fans and spectators. Host, Park Na Rae, said she was the only one in the hosts who obtained plastic surgery.

In the online forum, this episode was once again discussed as netizens couldn't hold back their anger. Some even left spiteful comments towards Bocheng, claiming that he should be more sensitive and avoid being too rude.

Some fans and netizens opted to explain to Bocheng regarding his accusation that Dara received plastic surgery. They came to Dara's defense as she did not go under the knife as she had always been naturally beautiful since her career back in the Philippines.

Who is Sandara Park?

Sandara Park is a South Korean artist widely recognized by the stage name Dara. She gained prominence in 2004 as a competitor at Star Circle Quest in the Philippines and had a good career in music before her debut in South Korea back in 2007.

In 2009, she began her career in South Korea as a member of YG Entertainment's all-girl idol group '2NE1' and eventually became a top-selling girl band preceding their disbandment in 2016.