BTS's Jimin once more reigns the January boy group member brand reputation rankings for the 25th consecutive month now! 

On January 16, Saturday, the Korean Business Research Institute has officially revealed the list for the January boy group member brand reputation rankings. The data were gathered from December 16 to January 16 and was determined through the members' consumer participation, media coverage, communication, and community awareness indexes of 653 boy group members.

The undefeated BTS member, Jimin, still reigns the top spot of the list for the 25th consecutive month again, with having a total of 6,773,150 brand reputation index for the month of January. BTS Jimin's high-ranking keyword analysis includes 'Christmas Love,' 'Jungin, I'm sorry, and 'Filter.' 

Moreover, Jimin's related terms were 'chosen,' 'gift,' and 'join.' Securing the second spot is Jimin's co-member, V holding a 6,305,855 brand reputation ranking, which also shows BTS V's 13.56 percent improvement from his previous data in December 2020. 

Landing on the third spot is no other than ASTRO's Cha Eun Wo, who surprisingly climbed up to the ladder with having a 66.88 percent rise in his brand reputation index since December last year. The tvN 'True Beauty' actor made a total of 6,303,509 brand reputation index for this month. 

Check out the top 30 boy group members below: 

  1. BTS's Jimin
  2. BTS's V
  3. ASTRO's Cha Eun Woo
  4. BTS's Jungkook
  5. BTS' Suga
  6. BTS's Jin
  7. BTS's RM
  8. TVXQ's Yunho
  9. BTS's J-Hope
  10. Highlight's Yang Yoseob
  11. EXO's Baekhyun
  12. Super Junior's Sungmin
  13. AB6IX's Lee Dae Hwi
  14. AB6IX's Park Woo Jin
  15. AB6IX's Kim Dong Hyun
  16. AB6IX's Jeon Woong
  17. EXO's Kai
  18. NCT's Jaehyun
  19. NCT's Jungwoo
  20. VIXX's Ravi
  21. TXT's Soobin
  22. TXT's Yeonjun
  23. NCT's Doyoung
  24. NCT's Mark
  25. TXT's Beomgyu
  26. SHINee's Taemin
  27. The Boyz's Hyunjae
  28. NCT's Haechan
  29. TXT's Taehyun
  30. NCT's Jeno

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