GOT7 Members share heartfelt posts to their fans as a way of showing profound gratitude as they celebrate the group's 7th Debut Anniversary.

On January 16, Saturday, GOT 7 members shared heartfelt posts on their social media profiles as their way to thank the fans for their undying love and support as they celebrate the group's 7th Debut Anniversary in the K-pop scene. The members expressed nothing but pure gratitude for fans who stayed on their side through ups and downs for the past seven years.

With group photos posted on their social media, the members share their versions of stories and how they felt more satisfied that they have fans who fully support them in all ways possible. Despite all GOT7 members departing JYP Entertainment to enter new agencies and venture on their career paths, the members promised the fans they would stay '#GOT7FOREVER,' and by that, it means GOT7 will not disband.

Jackson Wang, who has been venturing lately on his successful business, wrote to GOT7's fans on his official Twitter account. He said, "To think it's already been seven years. It's been almost ten years since I came to Korea, and I thank you sincerely for having watched over me as I grew. I always say this, but I'm going to work harder so that I can show you a good version of myself and how I'm improving."

Other members such as JB, Jinyoung, Mark, Youngjae, and Bambam also thanked the fans for seven years of genuine love and trust they put them to create music and be the best they can be as an artist and an individual. GOT7 members also promised the fans they will become artists; they will always be proud of now and then.

Check out GOT7's debut performance below:

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