n.CH Entertainment, handling the rookie group TOO, releases a press statement concerning the recent dispute with CJ ENM.

On January 15, Friday, n.CH Entertainment has officially released their public statement after CH ENM one-sidedly withdrew their contract with n.CH Entertainment due to internal restructuring, urging n.CH Entertainment to pull out from their obligations related to the group TOO as well.

After CJ ENM made their statement, n.CH Entertainment responded yesterday in a full statement reacting to each allegation and action CJ ENM is throwing them. That said, n.CH Entertainment is shocked to learn that the two agencies' mutual trust was broken, all because CJ ENM wanted full management rights with TOO when they agreed to manage the rookie group as partners.

With a heavy heart, n.CH Entertainment decided to manage the group for the next two years even without having paid, but CJ ENM rejected it and is not communicating well on their side. In a recent statement made by n.CH Entertainment, they confirmed that TOO was launched in 2018 as a joint project between their label and CJ ENM.

"TOO launched in October 2018 as a joint project, with CJ ENM and the entertainment agency n.CH Entertainment agreeing on joint discovery and production. After the consultation, work was divided with n.CH handling trainee casting/training, management, and promotion and CJ ENM handling album production and marketing." - n.CH Entertainment

Moreover, this was not fully acknowledged by CJ ENM as a source from the agency said they have only entrusted certain tasks with n.CH Entertainment, and they have the exclusive contracts of TOO members signed under their label. This issue between the two labels greatly affected TOO's album production and upcoming third album.

n.CH Entertainment further noted that a formal management contract was never signed. Lastly, CJ ENM's unilateral changing of terms and notification ordering them to cease all work and transfer TOO's management to them despite their plea to manage the group for two, even without compensation.

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