NCT, BLACKPINK, Rain, and Park Jin Young top the Gaon Weekly Charts!

On January 14, Thursday, K-pop group NCT, BLACKPINK, with Rain, Park Jin Young, and more successfully tops the list for the 'Gaon Weekly Charts.' The results were gathered and determined from January 3 to 9 of this week.

For the Album Chart category, NCT managed to secure two spots of the top five list with their latest release, 'RESONANCE Pt. 2,' which recently debuted at the No. 1 spot of the weekly chart December. SuperM's full-length album, 'Super One,' landed at the second spot, while MMCND's mini-album 'MCND AGE' sits at the fourth spot of the list.

Check out the Album Chart list below:

  1. NCT - RESONANCE Pt. 2
  2. SuperM - Super One
  3. NCT - RESONANCE Pt. 2
  5. Kim Ho Joong - The Classic Album I

Moreover, the Download Chart was dominated by the duo Rain and Park Jin Young with their track 'Switch to Me,' followed by Kyoung Seo's 'Shiny Star,' and Jeong Sewoon's ' In the Dark' at No. 3.

Check out the Download Chart below:

  1. Rain & Park Jin Young - Switch to Me
  2. Kyoung Seo - Shiny Star
  3. Jeong Sewoon - In the Dark
  4. ISU - Your Lights
  5. Jo Hyun Ah - Here I am (Mr. Queen OST)

Meanwhile, the Overall Digital Chart showed consistent results since last week and was topped by 'Show Me the Money 9' rappers Mirani, Munchman, Khundi Panda, and MUSHVENOM's 'VVS.' This was followed by Kyoung Seo's Shiny Star and BTS's Dynamite at No. 3.

Check out the Overall Digital Chart below:

  1. 'Show Me the Money 9' Rappers - VVS
  2. Kyoung Seo - Shiny Star
  3. BTS - Dynamite
  4. Jang Baeom June - Cant's Sleep
  5. Lil Boi ft Giriboy and BI Naughty - Tomorrow

The 'Social Chart' was completely reigned by K-pop girl group BLACKPINK, followed by BTS, Song Ga In, Im Young Woong, and Kim Ho Joong.

Check out the Social Chart results below:

  2. BTS
  3. Song Ga In
  4. Im Young Woong
  5. Kim Ho Joong

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