'The Penthouse' still reigns the title for the 'most talked-about drama' for the seventh week consecutively!

On January 14, Thursday, 'The Penthouse' consistently conquers the 'Most Buzzworthy Drama' list as per the latest results released from the Good Data Corporation gathered from January 4 to 10. The results were determined by analyzing news articles, blog posts, online forums, videos, and social media posts concerning the 21 upcoming drama series on air soon.

'The Penthouse' launched its season one finale episode earlier this month, making the show sit on the top spot of the 'Most Buzzworthy Drama' list again. The show's cast Lee Ji Ah peaked at the No. 1 spot of the 'Most Talked About Topics' that week, with the netizens intrigued whether her role is still alive or dead.

Moreover, Eugene followed her lead at No. 2, Kim So Yeon landing at No. 7, Park Eun Suk, and Uhm Ki Joon at No. 8 and 9, respectively. 'Mr. Queen' takes the second spot on the 'Most Buzzworthy Drama' list.

'The Uncanny Counter' sits at No. 3 and 'True Beauty' peaking at No. 4. Check out the list for the 'Top 10 Most Buzzworthy Dramas' for the first week of January below:

1. SBS's "The Penthouse."

2. tvN's "Mr. Queen."

3. OCN's "The Uncanny Counter."

4. tvN's "True Beauty."

5. JTBC's "Run On."

6. KBS2's "A Man in a Veil."

7. KBS2's "Homemade Love Story."

8. tvN's "Awaken."

9. KBS2's "Royal Secret Agent."

10. JTBC's "Hush."

Top 10 Most Buzzworthy Cast Members:

1. Lee Ji Ah ("The Penthouse")

2. Eugene ("The Penthouse")

3. Shin Hye Sun ("Mr. Queen")

4. Cha Eun Woo ("True Beauty")

5. Kim Jung Hyun ("Mr. Queen")

6. Moon Ga Young ("True Beauty")

7. Kim So Yeon ("The Penthouse")

8. Park Eun Suk ("The Penthouse")

9. Uhm Ki Joon ("The Penthouse")

10. Hwang In Yeob ("True Beauty")