G-IDLE made a spectacular comeback by conquering international and local music charts through their latest mini-album, 'I Burn.'

On January 13, Wednesday, Cube Entertainment confirmed G-IDLE's successful comeback as the K-pop girl group sets off the record as the top music charts worldwide, including in South Korea with their latest comeback album 'I burn.' G-IDLE's label further noted that the album managed to peak on several music charts in 51 regions abroad.

In the statement, Cube Entertainment said, "(G) I-DLE's new mini-album, "I Burn," has topped iTunes Top Albums charts in 51 regions around the world, including the Netherlands, New Zealand, Canada, Russia, Brazil, Italy, and Finland."

Moreover, G-IDLE's 'HWAA' is the opening track for their fourth mini-album, 'I burn,' released on January 11, and the track was able to peak at the top spot of real-time charts of music sites Genie and Bugs. 'HWAA' is track written and co-composed by G-IDLE's Soyeon.

Furthermore, 'HWAA' entered Melon's 24Hit chart at No. 98 and managed to climb the chart reaching its highest spot at No. 10 following its debut. G-IDLE's title track also set the record by achieving high rankings on FLO and NAVER VIBE.

As for the other tracks included in G-IDLE's comeback mini-album, most of them are ranking and consistent on the chart as well. Recalling when G-IDLE shared their goals as an artist and for their albums, the members aimed for their album to obtain the top spot on music charts.

In G-IDLE's shared statement, the members expressed gratitude to fans who showed love and support on their comeback. The members also shared how they worked hard to develop the album for their fans, and it is the product of the love and support they've shown since their debut days.

G-IDLE intends to calm the minds and hearts of those going through difficult times caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and they hope that listeners will enjoy listening to the tracks as if they're reading a novel book.

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