Kim Min Seok and Wi Ha Joon will be working together in an upcoming new film based on a webtoon! 

On January 12, Tuesday, Kim Min Seok and Wi Ha Joon are confirmed to be working in the hit webtoon series, 'Shark,' which narrates the story of timid teenage boys who get physically abused but loses fear after meeting a boxing champion. Kim Min Seok is confirmed to be starring in the lead role, Cha Woo Sol, who keeps himself strong to survive further. 

Kim Min Seok also expressed interest in the entire project film, admitting how it got his attention without noticing the time. The actor further added, he is physically ready to portray the role and is currently practicing some action movements to prepare himself for the upcoming film. 

Moreover, Wi Ha Joon, who recently ended his project with JTBC's '18 Again,' as Ye Ji Hoon, will appear in the series as Jung Do Hyun, the boxing champion who will become Cha Woo Sol's only mentor. Joining the incredible line-up cast of 'Shark' is Jung Wong Chang, who will play as Bae Seok Chan, Cha Woo Sol's rival. 

Lee Jung Hyun, Cha Yup, Bae Myung Jin, and Lee Jae Kyoon will also appear in the drama series as fellow prison inmates. 'Shark' will be directed by Chae Yeo Joon, who previously worked on the 2020 film 'Justice High.' 

'Shark' is reported to have finished filming all the episodes in December; however, further updates on the webtoon series's official premiere is not yet confirmed. Fans are happy and hyped to see Kim Min Seok and Wi Ha Joon working together as they possess exceptional acting skills. 

In the meantime, watch Kim Min Seok in his previous project with 'Heart Surgeons.'

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