JYP Entertainment releases an official statement confirming GOT7's departure from their label. 

On January 11, Monday JYP Entertainment has finally confirmed that GOT7 is now leaving their agency ahead of their contracts expiring on January 19. Dispatch first reported that all members of GOT7 would not be extending their contracts anymore with JYP Entertainment. 

News broke out that each member will be parting their ways entering new agencies, venturing into new careers, and more. Without officially disbanding as GOT7, the members revealed in their previous social media posts that they will always remain one and '#GOT7Forever.' 

Ahead of GOT7's contract expiration on January 19, JYP Entertainment released an official statement confirming recent reports of GOT7 leaving the agency and taking the path on their own. In the statement, JYP confirmed they sat down with the members and had discussions regarding their contract expiration.

As a result, both sides have confirmed that they will not renew or extend their stay under JYP Entertainment's management and GOT7 member's hopes for a fresh start this 2021. To which the agency profoundly respects as they will officially let go of their talents on January 19.

Moreover, JYP shares how GOT7 obtained tremendous success through their music and talents and how the long journey of managing them has been fun since January 2014. JYP offers their gratitude to fans and the public who supported GOT7 on their debut, music, and concerts. 

Despite ending their connection to one another, JYP wishes GOT7 happiness in their future endeavors and that the agency would always cheer for them from afar. 

"We genuinely thank GOT7 for being part of the growth of K-pop and JYP, as well as I GOT7 and all fans who have been a source of motivation to GOT7's activities with their endless support since their debut. Our official relationship ends here, but JYP will sincerely cheer on the new future that the GOT7 members will advance into."

Some fans hoping for the band to continue doing promotional activities express how it's a sad day for the whole fandom to see them leave JYP and venture into their activities and passions. However, they are still happy as they can now fulfill their careers with things they want to try as long as GOT7 doesn't disband.

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