GOT7 members Mar, Yiugyeom, JB, Youngjae, BamBam, and Jinyoung all have shared the same photo on their official Instagram accounts following reports of their departure from JYP Entertainment. 

On January 10, Sunday, all GOT7 members posted the same photo through their official Instagram accounts to remind the fans that even though some of them are leaving their managing label, JYPE, the group will remain as one and united. In their photo captions in their Instagram posts, they used the hashtag 'GOT7FOREVER.' 

In a previous report by Soompi, GOT7's Mark has officially released his statement through his Twitter account, following reports of the boy group's departure from JYP Entertainment. Moreover, Park Jin Young unfollowing Mark on social media sparks controversy, leading to speculations stronger on various media platforms. 

In a recently tweeted post of GOT7's Mark, he narrated how GOT7 worked nothing but for the best and the pleasure and happiness of their fans. GOT7's Mark added that there will be no 'ending' but only 'beginnings' for the boy group. 

Furthermore, GOT7's Mark promised that GOT7 will always bring happiness and always their best versions in the future. "These past seven years have been the best years of my life. Nothing is coming to an end, just the beginning. The seven of us are going to continue to bring you guys the best version of us till the end. #GOT7FOREVER."

GOT7's exclusive contracts with JYP Entertainment ends this month, and fans were shocked to learn that GOT7's official decision to withdraw their contracts are official. Thus, GOT7's Yugyeom breaking the silence as he was first reported to leave JYP Entertainment once his contract expires officially.

Now fans are left hanging, wondering what will be the future of GOT7 once they're not under the same label, will they eventually disband? 

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