The EXO-SC gained momentum this week following their comeback with their first studio album, '1 Billion Views,' where it is evident that Sehun and Chanyeol have the ideal subunit chemistry.

However, it was revealed that the two idols did not like each other in the beginning.

On July 14, Sehun and Chanyeol appeared at Choi Hwa Jeong's Power Time on SBS Power FM radio to promote their latest track "1 Billion Views." When talking about their unit return plans, the duo started to recall their days as trainees.

However, while supporters may have expected some beautiful tales of youthful friendship, the recollections of Sehun and Chanyeol seemed quite the contrary. Chanyeol met Sehun when the latter was in middle school, basically still a baby as per Chanyeol.

But once Sehun approached his secondary school years, Chanyeol claims Sehun's behavior has gone sour.

"He was terrifying after he went into high school. Once throughout our dance training, I held Sehun's leg, he went mad towards me and pushed me away. From that day forward, I was afraid of him."- Chanyeol

And that was how Sehun admitted that Chanyeol had not had the best early impression too. According to Sehun, due to his big-headed personality, almost all trainees did not like him.

"I figured, when I first met Chanyeol, he acted like a big-headed person. Several other trainees have been thinking the same thing. Chanyeol hasn't left us with a good first impression." - Sehun

Chanyeol now has to agree with Sehun, having a good laugh together. He had been way too arrogant and self-obsessed when he was younger. He explained that his confidence leveled out as he started meeting other promising recruits at SM Entertainment.

Sehun and Chanyeol also shared the many differences they have. For instance, Chanyeol suggests he is direct when it comes to romance and openly admitting to a crush. "I am not scared to let the girl know how I feel about them." - Chanyeol

While Sehun is the absolute opposite, beating from around bush whenever he likes someone. "I lie and say I'm not interested in that woman that I adore." - Sehun

And yet they still exhibit incredible chemistry as members of EXO-SC, regardless of their differences.