Rain is forever grateful to Park Jin Young for his kind deed for his sick mother. Before his beloved mother passed away, Park Jin Young willingly paid for the hospital bills, touching the heart of his close pal.

Rain opened up about Park Jin Young

Soompi stated that Jung Ji Hoon, best known for his stage name Rain, reminisced the most cherished moments in his life in My Ugly Duckling. The SBS show had the South Korean singer reflect on his life through appearing as a special MC.

The episode where Rain graced the show was broadcasted on January 3 (Sunday), where host Shin Dong Yup asked the singer the three most life-changing opportunities he had received.

Rain then answered his first ample opportunity was meeting Park Jin Young, who is the person who discovered his talents. Park Jin Young acted as his mentor, who debuted him through JYP Entertainment, the first new male artist of 2002.

Park Jin Young helped Rain with his mother's hospital dues

The goodness of Park Jin Young reached a wider audience when Rain shared the happening between them in the show. Republika reported in its local language how Park Jin Young helped Rain's family back when they were still financially incapable.

"Back in about 1997 or 1998, I didn't have the money to pay for my mother's medical bills," Rain revealed. Despite him going to the people who could help his mother, not a single person helped him.

Rain called Park Jin Young as his last resort and asked for help. In an instant, Park Jin Young canceled his schedule for the entire day and went to Rain's house. Rain and his mentor drove his mother to the hospital.

Upon arrival, Park Jin Young inked his name in the legal guarantee for the hospital bills. Three more weeks after, Rain's mother died.

Despite the passing, Rain is forever grateful to his mentor for the kind deed. Due to that, his mother lived a few more weeks.