The announcement regarding I-LAND's eliminated trainees to make a global debut as a new boy group in Big Hit Entertainment has received divisive responses from netizens.

One has shared, "If it's the same route, same company, then why did we do this entire selection process specifically for I-LAND, having us decide who is 'better'???"

With the I-LAND's goal, which is to develop and produce the perfect idol group to carry the name ENHYPEN, it was launched on television last year after three years of planning and building the trainee's structure members have lived in.

Seven contestants were selected to form the group ENHYPEN. Six of which were from the fan's global votes and the producers picked the last member.

Regarding Big Hit Japan's news, several fans were excited to see the five idols who were unfortunately eliminated in I-LAND start a new chapter in their life and make their debut in the coming new year. However, there are still concerns that the new boy group might be debuting too early since ENHYPEN has just made its debut this year.

The Divided Netizens

Online communities on January 1 KST discussed the news of 'I-LAND's former contestants debuting as Big Hit Entertainment's new boy group. 

Big Hit Japan signaled that there would be more members to join the group in addition to EJ, Kyungmin, K, Taki, and Nicholas.

Netizens also debate whether the move makes Mnet's survival program 'I-LAND' "a complete waste" or if there was any point in broadcasting a show if everyone would eventually debut in the same company.

A netizen burst his thoughts and said, "The boys sweat blood and tears, and we all watched the program clinging to our hearts, and the boys [of ENHYPEN] gave it their all to debut. But it turns out that anyone can debut".

The Supporters Backing The Decision

On the other hand, the supporters of this back-to-back debut expressed that there were no cited rules regarding the trainees leaving the entertainment scene. 

They compared the situation to YG Entertainment's WIN, a program that split WINNER from iKON, with the latter debuting one year after the former. 

The fans expressed, "These boys need the opportunity also."