On New Year's Eve, Suga made his first official appearance during the 2021 New Year's Eve Live concert by Big Hit Labels artists and was presented by Weverse.

The online concert paved the way for performances of the agency's most prominent idols and groups, and Suga's first appearance since his shoulder operation.

BTS Suga paid tribute to the late Shin Hae Chul

The 2021 New Year's Eve Live was graced by Big Hit Labels artists' year-ender performances and had a segment that pays tribute to the late singer Shin Hae Chul. The music pieces of the singer were performed during the concert, alongside a message tribute.

Before the performances of Shin Chae Chul's masterpieces, BTS Suga made his way onstage to introduce the touching segment. That said, Allkpop reported that fans were delighted to see the rapper, marking his comeback on stage.

It is Suga's first official appearance since he underwent hiatus to have his shoulder injury operated on. Since then, he has observed a break, setting his band activities aside.

Suga's inspiring words for the late singer

"He [Shin Hae Chul] taught us not to care about those who look down on our dreams and that everyone is walking the path looking for the right answers, so don't be lonely," Suga said, and as reported by Naver.

He then added that the late singer comforts the listeners of his music. Suga also said that everyone has to face what is now gone, as the whole production wants to reveal his music that never got the chance to be released.

The late singer appeared on the tribute through a hologram by an AI technology. Shin Hae Chul's hit songs To You and What You Really Want were performed by the Big Hit Labels artists to remember his masterpieces.

Meanwhile, the recently concluded New Year's Eve concert presented by Weverse is the first massive gathering of Big Hit Labels artists. It includes performances from BTS, TXT, ENHYPEN, GFriend, Lee Hyun, and more.