Along with his group BTS, the golden maknae Jungkook also has risen in popularity in humongous length. These days, one can say that the idol's name has been known by almost everyone who is virtually well-versed, or if not, at least it at least once in their lives.

The idol's strong presence among the public has been proven immeasurable; this is associated with his name and visuals appearing in the most random places beyond K-pop or the music industry in general.

Jungkook's name and visuals can be found in pop culture, the education sector, political articles, or even sports events worldwide. This is to name a few of the places mentioned above.

Here are facts that prove the massive popularity of the BTS maknae worldwide.

Jungkook Is Well-Known In The United States And Canada

In a political article, Shouldn't AOC have Googled Jeremy Corbyn?, Spectator USA mentioned Jungkook. It said in a statement, "Both inspire a special kind of crazy in their devotees, slightly more political iterations of schoolgirls who stab each other with compasses over which one Jungkook would marry."

An article of the Cut - New York Magazine also mentioned Jungkook saying, "Once fans discovered that BTS' Jungkook likes these lip tints, they bought up pretty much all of them." And on HBO's Last Week Tonight, John Oliver said, "Jungkook can just objectively get it!"

Jungkook Is A Big Thing In Europe and the United Kingdom

In Siegener Zeitung, a local newspaper in Germany, Jungkook's name appeared where it mentioned a local school's students working on Jungkook's outline in graffiti for their art project.

Furthermore, on a notice board in a school in Germany, Jungkook in a face mask appeared. The said notice was a reminder for students to wear masks. Jungkook's cut-out was also placed at the home stadium as an "audience" to support the Spanish professional basketball team Bilbao Basket.

And finally, a guy named Luka Maric made a song titled "Jeon Jung-Kook." It is all about how he wants to be perfect like Jungkook. The music is now available on Spotify.