Due to their strong passion and support in arts, BTS's RM and Henry are awarded by the Arts Council Korea as the '2020 Patrons of the Arts.'

On December 22 Tuesday, the Arts Council of Korea has officially hailed BTS leader RM and solo artist Henry as their '2020 Patrons of the Arts.' The awarding, which usually takes place annually, recognizes the hard work and passion of these two artists who worked in their unique way in contributing to arts throughout the year. 

BTS leader RM who has been chosen as one of the titleholders, gained their attention through his financial donation to the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, amounting to 100 million won last September. Through BTS RM's donation, the museum was able to produce hard copies of art books and donated all of them to different places in South Korea. 

Moreover, RM's passion for art continues as he walks on his path to stardom, being an idol and leader of the prominent K-pop boy band, BTS. Mostly, RM's advocacy is to encourage the younger generation to embrace art and culture, as it can be a way of showing one's origin. 

Meanwhile, solo artist Henry also had been hailed alongside BTS's RM as one of the '2020 Patron of the Arts' titleholder. Henry contributed to the arts industry by launching his 'Henry Together' series on his official YouTube channel, which he utilizes to discover musical prodigies. 

Furthermore, Henry is also the current honorary ambassador for Orchestra of Dream, a Korean version musical organization of El Sistema. Fans are proud of these two's recent achievements and great contribution to the arts of South Korea, which also could help boost the country's reputation in the Music and Arts industry.