SEVENTEEN members had their official COVID-19 results came today, and all are negative. Pledis Entertainment confirmed the results and released an official update for fans and the public.

On December 19, Saturday, Allkpop reported the Pledis Entertainment has officially announced SEVENTEEN's COVID-19 test results, which came back negative for all members and released their press release updating the fans.

In the letter, Pledis Entertainment thanked the fans who showed undying support and encouraging messages as they undergo testing last December 17.

Moreover, Pledis Entertainment confirmed that following the negative results, the members will now be resuming all halted media activities and ensuring their artists' health and safety by following all health protocols administered by the health authorities and government.

Furthermore, SEVENTEEN was announced to be performing in the 2020 KBS Gayo Festival. However, due to their COVID-19 results not yet being determined, SEVENTEEN could not perform at the said event.

Now that it's out and negative, fans hope they could still showcase their talents at the upcoming year-end awarding ceremonies and music festivals.

In the meantime, you can check out other K-pop group performances here. Also, watch the 'All K-pop Artists' clip from KBS Gayo's official YouTube channel below:

KBS Song Festival

The KBS Gayo Festival is an annual music show featuring the music of K-pop groups in their generation, celebrated every end of the year.

2020 has a great line-up of performing artists. Check it out below:

  • BTS,
  • Twice,
  • Seventeen,
  • NCT,
  • Park Jin-young,
  • Sunmi,
  • Taemin,
  • Paul Kim,
  • Kim Yeon-Ja,
  • Sul Woon-do,
  • Jessi,
  • Got7,
  • Stray Kids,
  • Astro,
  • Iz*One,
  • (G)I-DLE,
  • Oh My Girl,
  • NU'EST,
  • The Boyz,
  • Mamamoo,
  • Momoland,
  •  Monsta X,
  • Aespa,
  • Enhypen,
  • GFriend,
  • Itzy,
  • TXT

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