Actress Song Hye Kyo shared some information about herself in a fashion film of the luxury brand Bottega Veneta!

The fashion film, titled "La Donna Che Amiamo (The Woman We Love)," is created for Bottega Veneta's S/S 2020 collection. Starring Song Hye Kyo, the actress answered some questions about herself through a voiceover.

When the actress was asked to choose between mornings or late nights, she answered that she personally enjoys late nights compared to mornings. She can really feel like she could make it to most of her free time alone during the night.

Song Hye Kyo also answered the question "When do you feel most like yourself?" She responded, saying that it is the moment when she eats and also talks with the people very close to her heart. She shows her natural self during those moments.

Then, she was asked about something that has stayed the same since she was young. She honestly replied that the personal relationships she had with close friends and also her family have not changed. The people who were with her from the get-go are still by her side up until this current time.

When Song Hye Kyo was born, she had a sickness and her parents, as well as the doctors, thought that she would not survive. But she recovered and grew up healthy. When she recovered, her parents registered her birth date as February 26, 1982. Her original birth date was on November 22, 1981.

Her parents parted ways when she was still at a young age, so her mother took the responsibility of raising her. From her birthplace in Daegu, they transferred to Gangnam District in Seoul. During her elementary days, Song Hye Kyo was trained as a figure skater but she stopped training when she was in her eighth grade. And even though she considered herself shy and an introvert, her high school teachers say otherwise, describing her as a cheerful lady who blended well with her friends and that she was always in a bright mood.

The actress finished her college degree in Sejong University where she took up a major in Film Arts. Not only that she is a beautiful and talented lady, Song Hye Hyo also has a good heart since she also joins in voluntary works, especially with animals. She participates in activities related to KARA regularly.

On top of it all, she is also known for her frequent and large social donations. One representative of her agency expressed that since Song Hye Hyo widely travels for work most of the time, she has become aware of how important it is for tourists to be able to read the information in their own language.