Netizens are discussing some positive factors on why the 'Produce' series girl band, IZ*ONE, should not disband.

On December 17, Thursday, Netizens share their thoughts and some key points on why IZ*ONE should not disband. The project girl band's contract expiration is on April 2021.

Fans in the online community claim how successful IZ*ONE's recently launched albums are, hitting the music market alongside other big K-pop groups.

Despite the limited promotional activities, they get due to COVID-19 and discrimination from the rigged 'Produce' series, IZ*ONE's albums and tracks are doing well on various South Korean music charts. IZ*ONE was able to sell 300,000 copies of their albums despite the 'Produce' series controversy, the same as the boy group Wanna One which sold millions of units when they disbanded.

Netizens shared that IZ*ONE making it to music charts means some fans still value their music and reputation in the K-pop scene. A thread posted in an online forum showed the chart in which IZ*ONE's albums managed to get in alongside prominent K-pop groups in the music industry.

IZ*ONE's album ONEIRIC DIARY, BLOOM*IZ and ONE-REELER, ACT 4 (Panorama) managed to land on Hanteo's Top 20 Music Albums of 2020, released on December 13.

The albums landed on the 12th to 14th spot, respectively. Moreover, the whole list was filled by many prominent bands such as BTS, SEVENTEEN, BLACKPINK, EXO's SC, NCT, TXT, AND GOT 7.

All albums included in the list have managed to distribute 380,000 plus sold units following their release in the K-pop scene. That said, netizens think that IZ*ONE still holds the potential to shine more brightly in the future if they do not disband in April 2021.

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