Gallup Korea has officially announced the winners for their recently posted poll from November 5 to 29 for the fans to engage on which TV actors and actresses shined the brightest on-screen with their film projects.

On December 16, Wednesday, Gallup Korea has officially announced the list for the winners ranking from various actors and actresses and the film projects they took part in. The poll participants were asked to name actors and actresses who, for them, made such a name in portraying their characters on their film projects.

The list has been dominated by Kim Hee Ae, who acquired a total of 9.4% of votes. She was the leading actress of her previous hit film series, 'The World of the Married,' and gained prominence as viewership figures continue to rise following episode releases.

Next was Park Bo Gum, who obtained 7.6% of the votes for starring a role in the Netflix K-series 'Record of Youth.'

Moreover, Hyun Bin lands on the third spot for his role as Captain Ri Jung Hyuk on 'Crash Landing On You.' Hyun Bin managed to gain a total of 6.5% of votes from the 1,700 participants who participated in the poll from Gallup Korea.

Check out the Top 10 official list of the actors and actresses by Gallup Korea below:

  1. Kim Hee Ae - The World of The Married 9.4%
  2. Park Bo Gum - Record of Youth 7.6%
  3. Hyun Bin - Crash Landing On You 6.5%
  4. Park Seo Joon - Itaewon Class 5.9%
  5. Son Ye Jin - Crash Landing On You 4.6%
  6. Bae Suzy - Start-Up 4.3%
  7. Jun In Hwa - Homemade Love Story 4.1%
  8. Cha Hwa Yeon - Once Again 3.2%
  9. Gong Yoo
  10. Gong Hyo Jin - When The Camellias Bloom 3.0%

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