TREASURE bags an international stint as the rookie boy band from YG Entertainment makes a name in the Japanese market.

TREASURE x Black Clover

In an Allkpop report, the Japanese TV anime series titled Black Clover confirms and announces that the South Korean all-boy group TREASURE will be gracing its upcoming finale. With that said, the boy band will sing the ending episode's official soundtrack in the song that goes by the title Beautiful.

Moreover, the anime series's official website disclosed that Beautiful hails an upbeat and uplifting beat, which makes the atmosphere go liter.

It sings of the message of not giving up on one's dreams, as it expresses its wonderfully made rhythm and melody.

Anime News Network finds that the soundtrack will be gracing the show on January 5, 2021, making the finale of Black Clover more enthralling.

For the time being, neither YG Entertainment nor TREASURE has responded to the vast news, of which fans are waiting to see the delight of their idols. However, TREASURE's Beautiful for Black Clover will undoubtedly storm over the hearts of fans.

The I LOVE YOU singers and rappers are slated to showcase their versatility on the new project, despite the projects' lack of details. The band is reported to sing in Japanese, marking its first time to do so since its debut a few months back.

A new taste of TREASURE

The 12-member boy group will be tagging along with other musicians and artists on the projects. TREASURE is assigned to the ending theme song, while the opening goes to the boy band Snow Man for the song called Grandeur.

Marking its entry into the Japanese market, TREASURE MAKERS can hear the different sides of their idols. Fans expect to see and hear fiercer auras and vibes from the 12 dashing lads, as Black Clover is an example one.