Bae Suzy and BLACKPINK's Jisoo are known for their elegant beauty, but adding more to their classy figures is the luxury brand Dior attached to their names.

Notedly, for many seasons, Suzy has been an ambassador for the brand itself, while Jisoo became the ambassador for Dior's cosmetic brand 'Dior Beauty.' As reported by Allkpop, Korean netizens have been calling these two celebrities the "living human Dior" recently.

People see the two as fitted perfectly as the brand image.

Why Dior chose Jisoo

Even before the debut of Jisoo, the eldest member of BLACKPINK became popular when YG Entertainment released a photo of the idol. With her feminine features, many have noticed her beautiful features. She has proved to be the sweet and playful girl-next-door since her debut.

One commentator said on the image of Jisoo speaking, "People will say Jisoo has a nice and pretty image when they see them, but for me, she gives me a classy vibe."

Dior partnered with Jisoo to become the Korean ambassador for their clothing, perfume, and cosmetic lines. The brand is known for its elegance and femininity. In many of its classic designs, Dior has since been dressing Jisoo.

Suzy Bae donning Dior items

In 2010, Suzy Bae debuted under JYP with the girl group Miss A. For her sweet singing voice and beautiful face, she drew attention from many fans.

Suzy then ventured into acting a year after her debut as an idol. She starred in Dream High alongside other talents like Kim Soo Hyun and IU.

The popularity of Bae has led her to become one of South Korea's most in-demand endorsers. She has earned the title "CF queen." She's able to endorse multiple brands across different categories. This includes Guess, Lancome, and of course, Dior.

With her ambassadorship, she charges a hefty fee. It has been reported that Bae has earned US$8.8 million from brand endorsements alone.

Suzy and Jisoo: perfect Dior ambassadors

Currently, the official Dior Instagram is following their Instagram accounts. They prove themselves to be the perfect ambassadors of the brand.

Meanwhile, in an online community, netizens have commented, "They're both so pretty," "They both have a similar image and style, so they were probably picked," "Suzy's super pretty and Jisoo's pretty as well," and "They both have the luxurious image."