IZ*ONE is the only K-pop girl group excluded from the 2019 and 2020 Golden Disc Awards Nominations, straight in a row. Why? Here is what we know. 

On December 11, Friday, Kpophit released a report that fans of the girl group IZ*ONE noticed the group is not included in the nominees' list for major categories this year. Some fans thought that IZ*ONE is being snubbed again by the Golden Disc Awards two years in a row.

Upon the official release of the list for major categories, including some of the most prominent K-pop groups and rookies of the era, netizens wonder why IZ*ONE was being excluded from the awarding ceremony. It's no question, IZ*ONE indeed is a talented group, which also has the potential to grow in stardom in the future. 

Due to this issue, fans recalled when the Golden Disc Awards excluded IZ*ONE last year for the awarding ceremonies. The group did not receive any nominations despite successful track releases. 

Reports have been made that the Golden Disc Executive Committee decided to exclude IZ*ONE from participating in the awarding ceremony. This is because of the controversy surrounding Mnet's 'Produce' series, in which the producer has been jailed for voting manipulation and fraud, which happens to be IZ*ONE's founder.

Mnet was lambasted after the producer of the Mnet's 'Produce' series Ahn Joon Young and Kim Young Bum have been manipulating the show's results and votes, excluding other potential idols and talents from the competition.

Following the controversy, the court handling the case revealed the names unfairly excluded from the show.  

Moreover, to avoid unnecessary hate for those who had successfully debuted under the show, the court refused to name these idols, as they were not aware of the crime, making them innocent. Due to the Mnet controversy, this tainted the image of IZ*ONE from the public, making it hard for them to do promotional activities. 

That being said, some believed that the members who debuted under IZ*ONE took advantage of the voting manipulation led by the Mnet's 'Produce' series producers.

Aside from that, the show's issue greatly affected the Golden Disc Award Committee's decision to exclude IZ*ONE from getting any nominations in the awarding ceremony.

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