It is indeed true that Jimin has a heart of gold as he once again made remarkable support and donation for students who love learning and are art enthusiasts!

This year, BTS's Jimin and his very passionate fans donated over KRW 120 million to students in Busan. After Jimin donated KRW 100 million (USD 86,000) to Busan education, a benevolent ARMY reassembled fans to furnish 20 scholarships to Busan students under BTS Jimin's name. The donation made summed up to KRW 20 million (USD 17,000).

A Big Heart For Students

Just recently, Jimin once has again donated for education. The said donation will help and support outstanding and talented students of arts through a fund called the BTS Jimin Scholarship.

The Jeonnam Future Education Foundation On December 8th, led by Chairman Seok-Woong Jang, held a board of directors meeting. The chairman promotes a scholarship project worth 966,660,000 Korean won (890,000 USD) for 2021.

It can be recalled that Jimin made a generous donation of 100 million won (92,000 USD) to Jeolla province students. This sum of contributions that Jimin provided shall be established as the BTS Jimin Scholarship.

This amounts to 108 million won (100,000 USD) for three years. This will then be used to fund outstanding talents in the art field in Jeonnam. The scholarships, beginning in 2021, will be awarded.

Jimin's Act Melted The Hearts Of Fans

The generous act of JImin once again impressed and drew attention from netizens. With this, they shared their messages of love and support for Jimin's act of kindness.

It is widely known that Jimin consistently makes donations to good causes, most especially for education. The experiences of Jimin being financially challenged back in the days somehow pushed him to support the students. He also remembered how a teacher supports him, which helped him pursue the field of dance.

Remarkably, the new move of Jimin for students in Jeollado is exceptional since it is outside of his hometown in Korea.