BTS bags multiple awards from the recent awarding ceremony Mnet Asian Music Awards 2020. Despite member Suga's absence, the rest of the BTS members still made it like Suga was there by calling him on the phone to deliver his acceptance speech for their award.

On December 7, Monday, Koreaboo reported that BTS member Suga missed the awarding ceremony because of his recent shoulder surgery. Despite the unfortunate event of not receiving the award alongside his co-members, BTS members still made it possible for Suga to express his gratitude by calling him on the phone to share his speech.

BTS won the title 'Album of the Year' for their ever successful album, 'MAP OF THE SOUL: 7.' Jimin updated the audience and fans that Suga is currently recuperating from his shoulder surgery but is present with them to accept the award.

This is when Jimin puts out his phone announcing that Suga is on the other line to deliver his acceptance speech for their 'Album of the Year' award. Suga expressed his profound gratitude for ARMYs who made it possible for them to obtain the award and their unending love and support for their albums in the past years.

Furthermore, Suga revealed that his co-members worked hard even in the United States to make everything happen now and repay their fans' love and support with music; they all worked diligently during the production process. BTS's acceptance speech still touches fans up to now for their 'Album of the Year' award.

Moreover, Suga reminded the fans not to worry about his well-being as he is actively and positively recuperating from his surgery. He told ARMYs that he is with them by heart and spirit despite not standing beside his co-members on stage.

Watch their acceptance speech below: