In the K-pop industry, stories and theories about certain celebrities are popular among fans and even antis. While several of the allegations are foolish and not that outrageous, others may damage the image and career of the artist or group.

Therefore, the stories must be taken seriously and adequately investigated before spreading to avoid harming innocent artists.

Here are some stories that were confirmed to be untrue:

BLACKPINK's Jisoo Joining YG Entertainment As An Actress

According to rumors, Jisoo auditioned under YG Entertainment and was hired as an actress. The truth was that Jisoo had always loved performing, singing, and was motivated by her family to enter the agency as an aspiring idol.

EXO's D.O Doesn't Like Being An Idol And Being With Other EXO Members

Although there were other factors to being a celebrity that he was outspoken about not being happy with, like fan service, D.O. truly loves dancing and singing.

There is also a lot of proof that he gets along very well with his co-members and actually likes having them around.

Just because he is not as expressive and friendly as most of the other members, doesn't mean that he hates them or his job.

BTS's V and J-hope Switching Roles Rumor

Can you think of J-Hope as a singer and V as a rap artist opposite their specific roles on BTS? The only evidence for this hypothesis is that J-Hope can sing, and V likes raping, but BTS has never said anything about it either, so it was just a wild rumor.

J.Y Park Rejected IU When She Auditioned For JYP Entertainment

In reality, he was not present when IU had her audition at JYP Entertainment. It was business executives who prevented her from joining the company, which prompted her to join LOEN Entertainment instead.

JYP commented on being regretful that the representatives did not allow her to pass the audition.