Fans shout for joy as GOT7's comeback album Breath of Love: Last Piece hits the Number 1 spot on U.S. iTunes with its title track Last Piece.

Just two days ago, fans were raising their eyebrows after smelling sabotage with GOT7's comeback. Fans saw a limited stock of the boy group's album on Hottracks, one of Korea's largest album purchasing sites, and the album has immediately been sold out. Also, Hottracks removed the album from their website, causing fans to raise questions against JYPE's fair treatment of their artists.

However, with the news that GOT7's new album skyrocketed in the U.S. along with its title track, fans are somehow quenched and regained their energy.

Making Waves On U.S iTunes

GOT7's Breath of Love: Last Piece dominated the U.S. iTunes charts with their self-produced album nearly four hours after release.

The GOT7 member Mark Tuan immediately posted on his Instagram account, "Made possibly by IGOT7," after it was announced that their latest single, Last Piece, and their self-produced album had reached the No.1 spot at the U.S. iTunes charts.

Last Piece only took a couple of hours to top the U.S iTunes after the album's achievement.

With this, the boy group members and the fandom celebrated on Twitter and expressed their joy over this new milestone.

The Boy Group's Album

The album released by GOT7 came after their big win at the Asia Artist Awards 2020. The boy group snatched their second daesang (top prize) with the "Performance of the Year" award. Last year, the group also bagged the same award.

The full album was unveiled on Monday, Featuring the sentimental title track Last Piece composed by the group's leader JB (as DEFSOUL). This is along with the pre-released single Breath, which was written by another member Youngjae (as Ars).

The title track's music video was also released with breathtaking choreography typical of the group on the same day.