The South Korean all-girl group formed in Produce 48, IZ*ONE, continues to hype the stage for its much-anticipated comeback by dropping new teasers. With that said, the girl group will be mesmerizing the K-pop music scene once again with a new album entitled One-Reeler / Act IV.

One-Reeler / Act IV is composed of thrilling tracks

In an Allkpop report, IZ*ONE released the tracklist of One-Reeler / Act IV on November 30 (Monday) through the form of a GIF. The entry comes with a moving spotlight, revealing six tracks in total. The title track goes by Panorama, hailing as the head single of the album.

Moreover, IZ* ONE's upcoming album will tag along with vintage concepts that go by the band's in-store cinematic effects. Other titles include Mise-en-Scene, Island, Sequence, O Sole Mio, and a Korean-language title.

IZ*ONE charm still teasers for One-Reeler / Act IV

According to Hellokpop, the K-pop all-girl group unveiled another set of teaser images that marks another reason for fans to anticipate its album truly. It comes along in group posters and two more batches of solo teasers that capture the branding of IZ*ONE.

On November 25, the band shared a group concept photo, showcasing every beautiful demeanor of each member. Adding spice to the picture is the girls' charming auras, which makes it harder for fans to resist.

The compelling eyes of the band members fatally gaze straight to the camera while giving off fascinating poses. The hairstyles and get up of IZ*ONE carries the banner of One-Reeler / Act IV, best highlighting the album's concept.

In another set of photos, the band managed to dominate the shots while posing in front of velvet backgrounds. The girly yet sophisticated manners shown in the images give the fans the chance to peak at the album of their idols.

Meanwhile, IZ* ONE's comeback album One-Reeler / Act IV is set to arrive on December 7 at precisely 6 PM KST.