South Korean boy band SEVENTEEN just made this year incredibly prosperous for their music releases domestically and in Japan. Fans are proud!

On November 28, Saturday, Soompi reported that Japan's leading music retailer HMV has officially announced its year-end rankings for the Best-selling Albums of 2020 for K-pop artists. SEVENTEEN is revealed to be the year's top spot placer and have successfully grabbed four spots on HMV's list.

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SEVENTEEN's 'Fallin Flower,' the band's Japanese single, which received a double-platinum recognition back in May and has debuted with record-breaking history for the boy band, had dominated the 2020 rankings of HMV and placed on No. 1 spot. Following their momentum is SEVENTEEN's Korean mini-album "Heng:garæ," at No. 2.

SEVENTEEN's Japanese mini-album '24H' landed at the third spot and their Korean special album 'Semicolon' at the fourth spot. Fans cannot believe how successful their recent music releases were in South Korea and Japan.

Furthermore, SEVENTEEN managed to obtain the No. 10 spots for the Kit version of their ever successful 2019 Korean album, 'An Ode.' Aside from SEVENTEEN, BTS and TWICE also had been included in the list.

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Below is the official list released by Japan's HMV for the Best-selling Album Of The Year:

  1. SEVENTEEN's "Fallin' Flower"
  2. SEVENTEEN's "Heng:garæ"
  3. SEVENTEEN's "24H"
  4. SEVENTEEN's "; [Semicolon]"
  5. BTS's "Map of the Soul: 7"
  6. BTS's "Map of the Soul: 7 ~The Journey~"
  7. TWICE's "Fanfare"
  8. ORBIT's "00"
  9. NCT's "RESONANCE Pt. 1" (The Past version)
  10. SEVENTEEN's "An Ode" (Kit version)
  11. TWICE's "MORE & MORE"
  12. TWICE's "#TWICE3"
  13. TXT's "Magic Hour"
  14. IZ* ONE's "BLOOM*IZ"
  15. Stray Kids' "ALL IN"
  16. BTS's "Map of the Soul: Persona"
  17. NCT Dream's "The Dream"
  18. IZ* ONE's "Oneiric Diary"
  19. Stray Kids' "TOP (Japanese version)"
  20. TXT's "The Dream Chapter"