Big Hit Entertainment officially confirms that their boy band Tomorrow X Together has tested negative for COVID-19. The boy band will now be resuming all halted media activities.

On November 26, Thursday, Soompi reported that Tomorrow X Together's managing label Big Hit Entertainment officially announced their COVID-19 results, which showed a negative result. Big Hit Entertainment explained that the test was made after staff from their previous variety program appearance turned out to be a positive carrier of COVID-19.

Furthermore, the managing label explained that the EBS's COVID-19 positive staff appeared to have made a touch contact with TXT members. This situation led the label to take precautionary safety measures and had all the members undergo COVID-19 testing.

Today, Big Hit Entertainment announced in a more relieved tone that all five Tomorrow X Together members have tested negative from COVID-19. Moreover, due to the negative results, Big Hit Entertainment declared that all members would be resuming media activities.

The artists' health and safety come first, as what the Big Hit Entertainment label used to say whenever situations like this occur. As TXT resumes all operations as K-pop artists, Big Hit Entertainment ensures that all staff working with them have been tested negative from COVID-19.

Fans are delighted to know that the members of the boy group are all negative from the virus. Some are now looking forward to what variety program the members will be rendering appearance and genuinely wishes them to be healthy all the time.

As for the boy band's musical ventures, currently, TXT's 'minisode 1: Blue Hour' comeback track is making its momentum on the No.2 spot of Billboard's World Albums Chart for three weeks consecutively.

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