Actress Kim Sa Rang will be making a comeback after a long hiatus in the upcoming drama series 'The Goddess of Revenge.' The production team working on the project confirms her role.

On November 21, Pinkvilla reported that a press conference was held by TV Chosun last November 19, Thursday, intended for the 'mystery social revenge drama.' This hotly anticipated drama will be airing every weekend at 9 p.m KST.

The press conference was led by the drama's director Kang Min Gu alongside 'The Goddess of Revenge' cast members, Kim Sa Rang, Yoon Hyun Min, Yoo Sun, Jung Man Sik, and Yoon So Yi. Fans had been able to tune in to their press conference through YouTube live, as the government still restricts face-to-face gatherings for COVID-19 safety protocols. 

The upcoming drama series, 'The Goddess of Revenge,' revolves around the story of Kang Hae Ra (portrayed by Kim Sa Rang), who lives a vengeful life as she bravely retaliates against power. This project is Kang Hae Ra's new series as she marks her comeback in the film industry following her five-year hiatus since her JTBC's 2015 drama 'My Love Eung Dong.'

In the press conference, Kim Sa Rang shared some details concerning her five-year break from screen projects. The actress admitted to getting nervous and anxious as she was not doing any public appearances for five years. 

Kim Sa Rang added that she felt comfortable filming some scenes despite the pressure as the set's ambiance is light and lively. Furthermore, seeing how considerate other actors and the off-camera crews are, makes her feel more confident in her acting; even with violent scenes, Kim Sa Rang gets to enjoy filming. 

As to how Kim Sa Rang describes her upcoming project, she mentioned how she liked the script at first review and how it is full of mystery. Upon meeting with the production team, Kim Sa Rang admired how the crews are optimistic about her and how reliable they are. 

When asked about her personality's similarity with her upcoming role, Kim Sa Rang commented, "In all honesty, the character and I don't have much in common. The one similar thing is that we both have honesty and are determined kind of people."

Moreover, the director of the upcoming projects gave spectators a key point on what to expect from the series by merely saying that it's a 'refreshing' series everyone should tune to, to which Kim Sa Rang and Yoon Hyun Min verbally agreed. Some fans are now setting their hopes up for this upcoming series and are awaiting Kim Sa Rang's official comeback through this project.