The Big Hit Entertainment is now starting the process to acquire KOZ Entertainment- ZICO's self-established agency!

Earlier this year, rumors circulated regarding a possible partnership between Big Hit Entertainment and Zico. And now, Big Hit officially begins the process of acquiring the agency of Zico, KOZ Entertainment.

Big Hit Entertainment announced its plans on November 18 to take over KOZ Entertainment. The agency is home to the leading hip-hop soloist and producer, ZICO.

The Birth Of KOZ Entertainment

In November 2018, ZICO founded KOZ Entertainment, and through recruitment, the agency was able to manage Dvwn starting November 2019. For this year, this is one of the major-industry moves Big Hit Entertainment.

Previously, the agency also founded Belift Lab with CJ ENM. It acquired Source Music, as well as Pledis Entertainment.

KOZ Entertainment is expected to gain strengths such as expanding its artist IP as it now joins Big Hit Labels. Additionally, with the talented ZICO now joining its family artists, its music production capabilities will grow.

According to the CEO, Seung Hyun Yoo, he shared that KOZ's philosophy, which strives for innovation in the music industry, and Big Hit, which is innovating the business model of the music industry, values ​​artists and contents in similar ways. "We will do our best to discover and promote global business in earnest," said the CEO.

The New Partnership Is Born

Moreover, Bang Si Hyuk, the Chairman of Big Hit, commented that he is happy to be with ZICO, the best producer and artist in Korea. He continued that KOZ artists are looking forward to having significant success in the global market through Big Hit's worldwide network and systematic music production system.

Meanwhile, this partnership follows the I-LAND participation of ZICO. Belift Lab, the joint venture between Big Hit Labels and CJ ENM, created the reality show. Fans saw ZICO on the show working with Big Hit Entertainment's Bang Si Hyuk. This is in addition to other Big Hit producers. The teamwork of the two and their excellent work chemistry was made evident throughout the series.