The Judiciary court, which is currently handling the 'Produce 101' series case, reveals the official list of contestants who some of them could have debuted by now but were wrongly eliminated due to vote-rigging.

On November 18, Wednesday, Soompi reported that the accused involved in this vote-rigging controversy had already been sentenced to prison. Producing Director Ahn Joon Young was sent to prison for two years with a monetary fine, while the show's Chief Producer Kim Yong Bum received a total of one year and eight months sentence.

The assistant Producing Director named 'Lee' and other agency representatives have also been sent to jail for eight months and are suspended for two years. Moreover, the court and officials handling the controversial 'Produce 101' series case revealed the official list of names of those who got eliminated from the show due to voting manipulation.

The court put out a press release statement the same day as they revealed the contestants' names and added that through the fair trial proceedings on this case, the trainees could start having true compensation for the pain and damages it caused them.

However, the court insisted on not revealing the young idols' names who gained profit from the vote-rigging, as these artists were not fully aware of the crime. Below are the names of the contestants who were voted out because of manipulation:

  • Produce 101 1st season (1st round of voting): Kim Su Hyun, and Seo Hye Lin
  • Produce 101 2nd Season (first round of voting): Seong Hyun Woo now LIMITLESS' A.M.
  • Produce 101 2nd Season (fourth round of voting): Kang Dong Ho now NU'EST's Baekho.
  • Produce 48 (fourth round of voting)L Lee Ga Eun, and Han Cho Won (actual final ranking are No.5 Lee Ga Eun and No.6 Han Cho Won)
  • Produce X 101 (first round of voting), Anzardi Timothee
  • Produce X 101 (third round of voting): B.O.Y Kim Kook Heon and GHOST9 Lee Jin Woo
  • Produce X 101 (fourth round of voting): CRAVITY Kook Jung Mo, UP10TION Lee Jin Hyuk and Keum Dong Hyun (actual final ranking are No.6 Kook Jung Mo, No.7 Lee Jin Hyuk, No.8 Keum Dong Hyun.)

Many fans and netizens are upset with the people responsible for the controversy. They believed some of these mentioned artists could shine in the K-pop scene if not voted out or played dirty by their production team.