Ever since Aespa's debut was announced, the group has been at the center of controversies. From teasers to their concepts, netizens seem to find a loophole when it comes to them. This time, as Aespa announced their official fandom name on November 17, it created a divisive response from the Korean netizens.

Aespa's Announces Fandom Name

Today, November 17, SM Entertainment surprised fans by announcing the fandom name of Aespa even before the girls made their official debut. Today is the schedule of Aespa's debut with Black Mamba, which fans are highly anticipating.

SM Entertainment revealed the official fandom name for Aespa called "MY." According to the label, MY translates to "the most precious friend" in the wilderness of Kwangya. It is where the virtual characters of Aespa live. As the fans are most precious to Aespa, they chose to go with "MY," and they consider the fans as their dear friends.

Fans' Reaction

Meanwhile, despite the touching meaning of the girl group's fandom name, the Korean netizens are not thrilled with it. Several netizens think it is absurd that SM Entertainment announced a fandom name even when it hasn't debuted yet. They claim that SM Entertainment might be overestimating how popular the group will be.

Some netizen shared, "They have not even debut yet, but they already have a fandom name?? LOL," "Wow, SM even released the fandom name before they made their debut. LOL, they are crazy," and "Well... I guess we can say SM works fast."

Other netizens also pointed out how difficult the name will be. They said that it would be hard to search for "MY" on search engines since the word is very commonly used. One netizen commented, "MY? Is this name okay?" Others also shared, "Well, searching for it will be difficult," and "This will be hard to search for in English, LOL."

However, despite the several negative comments about the announcement, others appreciated the group's creativity and even complimented Sm Entertainment. "MY? It sounds cute!" said one netizen. Others also expressed, "I think the fandom name is good," and "It sounds cute."