RED VELVET's 'Psycho' has successfully reached another milestone!

On November 17, Tuesday, Soompi reported that Red Velvet has managed to reach another achievement by having their massive hit 'Psycho' reach 200 million views on YouTube. Despite the fact that the music video for 'Psycho' was released in December 2019, it still is one of the most played track on YouTube, reaching 200 million in the span of 10 months and 24 days. 

'Psycho' is Red Velvet's second-fastest music video to achieve the 200 million mark on Youtube. Their track 'Bad Boy' was their first music video that managed to gain the same achievement back in April 2019 following its official release in the K-pop scene. 

Meanwhile, the track 'Psycho' also had been hailed as the 'Music of The Year' at the 2020 Soribada Awards last August. The worldwide hit track was the opening track from Red Velvet's 'The ReVe Festival: Finale.' Red Velvet's 'Psycho' debuted in the K-pop scene with success as the public and fans instantly got caught with its choreography, lyrics, and the music as a whole. 

Several music critics in the industry commended it for their production and described it as 'smooth,' 'catchy,' and 'haunting.' 'Psycho' did not just stay popular in South Korea; it also has gained international fame, becoming Red Velvet's second chart sweeper on Billboard's World Digital Songs chart.

Red Velvet's 'Psycho' is composed by Andrew Scott, Cazzi Opeia, and EJAE. The story behind the 200 million-view track is based on a relationship full of unforeseen events, hardships, ups, and downs of two people.  

The composers of the song quoted that 'being heartbroken is almost like feeling psycho.' No wonder the song is a massive success as many people, particularly young adults today, are experiencing the same concept of 'Psycho.'

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