Starship Entertainment gets criticized by fans, as their recent picture book for WJSN (Cosmic Girls) supposedly has a distinct resemblance to BTS' album layouts.

The first photobook [ON&OFF] of WJSN's video sneak-peek was released on July 7, and it is scheduled to be released on August 12. There are two editions of this book: PERSONA: ON and EGO: OFF.

The books' cover art and design, according to fans, is way too similar to the works of BTS and is impossible to be coincidental. MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA and MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 records; WJSN's picture book reflects Jungian psychology (the persona and the ego).

The tracks "Intro: persona," "Interlude: Shadow," and "Outro: Ego" are included in MAP OF THE SOUL: 7.

WJSN's EGO: OFF and BTS' MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA seems to have very similar texts, and both have sleek three-line cover style.

The color scheme for EGO: OFF for their Japanese single album 'Lights' is almost similar to that of BTS's album artwork. All WJSN supporters and BTS fans are already directing their anger at Starship Entertainment, accusing the company of plagiarism.

Frustrated fans conveyed their opinions on Twitter.

"I swear WJSN is suddenly blowing because of this. WJSN is never at fault & the company that never give WJSN proper attention suddenly shitting up the situation: some ARMYs even talking bout 2 'ON' performances. It's a PHOTOBOOK 4 God's sake." -@lalalovemyself

"You cannot get around the blatant disrespect and leeching use of #BTS' hard-earned title & global album hits. The flames are being fanned deliberately for this group to get their name in magazines next to BTS, positive or negative." -@BBVitaz

"Can I copy your homework? - Yeah, just don't make it look too obvious. Starship did WJSN dirty; even the font is the same as BTS." — @softforhyunie)

Eventually, a few Ujungs (WJSN's fandom) made it clear that WJSN was not responsible for this problem. A few of them even apologized to ARMYs, requesting the fandom not to attack and vent their frustrations on WJSN.