AKMU siblings Lee Chanyuk and Lee Suhyun have finally made their iconic comeback in the K-pop scene, and fans are delighted to see them together. The brother-sister duo held a virtual press conference following their return. 

On November 17, Tuesday, Soompi shared exclusive details on the press conference following AKMU's official launching of their album 'HAPPENING.' Lee Chanyuk first shared that as much as they would like to drop more music, AKMU believed that releasing 'HAPPENING' would be a great choice before giving the fans more tracks. 

'HAPPENING' is AKMU's first single after one year and two months following the release of their track 'How Can I Love the Heartbreak, You're the One I Love' from their album 'SAILING.' Despite being released over a year, the song has been sitting and hitting music charts up to date. 

Lee Chanyuk added that even with fair results, AKMU is profoundly grateful for the fans who had shown their album undying love and support. He concluded that 'SAILING' was prepared lightly and has a great deal of connection for their upcoming full-length album in the future.

The sibling duo AKMU has also been asked in the virtual conference about the artist they liked to collaborate with. AKMU quickly reacted and answered Lee So Ra, whom Lee Suhyun worked with 'Begin Again.'

As to why they picked Lee So Ra, Lee Chanyuk explained that it was because of her talent; as soon as Lee So Ra performed his written song 'Moon' with Suhyun, he instantly caught the feeling of wanting to work with her.

Furthermore, Lee Suhyun shared that Lee So Ra is indeed a singer that everyone wants to work with. If given a chance, she said, 'It would be such an honor.'

Concerning their recent controversy where Lee Chanhyuk unfollowed his sister Lee Suhyun, he commented that he did it without thinking. He explained he just loved to follow and match people on Instagram who has the same taste as him when it comes to other things. 

Lee Suhyun stated that she saw the news about the unfollowing of his brother on her account. She cleared the suspicions by saying, 'We did not fight at all.' Lee Suhyun concluded that it's normal for siblings to do whatever they want, follow them, or not on social media. 

AKMU shared that they have high hopes for their latest track, 'HAPPENING.' The siblings expressed that they both worked on the lyrics and melody and hoped that people could find themselves relating and loving the song.