A financial report from Hana Financial has recently predicted that YG Entertainment's power boy group Big Bang would be able to make a comeback in the spotlight early next year.

The financial value of YG Entertainment was reviewed through a financial report. Also, the label's forecasted sales and operating profits were evaluated once Big Bang makes a comeback.

YG Predictions

As per the report, this year's second-half operating profit is expected to exceed 10 billion KRW (roughly 9 million USD) just from the sales of BLACKPINK and TREASURE's albums. BLACKPINK became YG's first girl group to sell more than 1 million album copies. Also, TREASURE is now YG Entertainment's new group that could sell 250,000 album copies since their debut this year.

Also hinted in the report is that YG Entertainment, in early 2021, will be debuting a new girl group.

The number of concert audiences can be reflected through album sales. Simultaneously, due to global management sales expansion, the steep profits are expected to improve at the end of the COVID19 pandemic.

Big Bang's Possible Comeback

Furthermore, the report released by the Allkpop news outlet has shared that Big Bang has a huge chance for a comeback. Suppose the boy group can have 1 million fans to attend their tour in a year, a typical group audience. In that case, there is no reason why the 2022 operating profit of the company wouldn't surpass 60 billion KRW (roughly 54 million USD).

Currently, also developing and improving its services under YG Entertainment is the YG Plus. This can somehow generate more than 5 billion KRW (roughly 4.4 million USD) in annual profit.

With this, it can be estimated that YG Entertainment is planning an interactive experience ON: TACT tour. With all the figures and scenarios stated above, it is expected that Big Bang will make a comeback within next year's first half.

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