Wall Street Journal granted BTS the title of the '2020 Music Innovators' for the 10th annual Innovator Awards.

On November 12, Thursday, Allkpop shared an exclusive report from Wall Street Journal claiming South Korea's biggest boy band BTS had been recognized along with prominent stars Jennifer Lopez, Pati Smith, Tyler Perry, Titus Kaphar, and more. BTS members also shared a speech upon receiving the award recognition in the event.

BTS, who received Wall Street Journal's 2020 Music Innovator award, shared their heartfelt gratitude speech to fans and the public, plus sharing what 'Innovation' means to them as individual artists. ARMYs (BTS fandom) are proud to learn that their idols have made another history through this award title.

American host James Corden introduced BTS and shared a brief background on their success as artists, music, and talents. Moving on to the acceptance speech, Jin first shared how it was an honor to be compared with the legendary band 'The Beatles.'

RM quickly added that despite getting compared, the leader of BTS stressed that their career is nothing like the iconic band of 'The Beatles.' Rather they are just young gentlemen who have always been very passionate about their love for music and performance.

Furthermore, Jin added that the bond they have for each other as co-members and the link they cherish the most with their fans is what makes BTS special. Moreover, J-hope also spoke of 'Love yourself, Speak yourself.'

J-hope shared that upon delivering a message of hope to everyone, they are grateful and delighted to know that their message has been well received with an open heart as it holds an important meaning for them as individuals.

Regarding what 'Innovation' means to them, RM started that it was something thrilling for him. Meanwhile, Suga defined it as a fuel that keeps you on growing, changing, and evolving.