BTS Jimin assured the ARMY that Suga is well and is getting a speedy recovery after his shoulder surgery during a live broadcast.

In the Youtube Live broadcast, Jimin opens up about BTS member Suga on his health and recovery. The “Filter” singer stated that he knows that many fans are concerned about his fellow member's condition recently, but Yoongi is doing well.

He also revealed the Suga is sending the group selfies daily to let them know he is okay and keeping in touch.

Jimin stated that Suga wants to undergo surgery early in his career to avoid any further injury in his surgery. “Suga is recovering really well. The procedure went really well. He’s saying that he misses all of you,” Jimin stated. He added, “I hope you can wish for his speedy recovery with me, too.”

So, while it may be a while until ARMY can see Suga again, there is certainly nothing to worry about, as long as fans are willing to wait a little longer. Jimin said on the Livestream, “You’ll see him back and healthy in on time.”

Big Hit Entertainment released an official letter regarding BTS Suga’s shoulder surgery. The company stated that he had undergone shoulder surgery to repair his torn shoulder labrum on November 3.

The procedure went well. Still, Suga will not be promoting the group’s upcoming album “BE” and is currently under recovery following the guidelines the company has places for him.

The record label stated that Suga’s sudden shoulder injury was long-awaited as he has always had trouble with his shoulder since 2012. Suga was injured in an accident while working as a delivery boy before his debut with BTS. While he was able to overcome it for years, his condition began to worsening again.

Fans have noticed his discomfort during the group’s online concert, “Map of the Soul ON: E,” but is still shocked after learning that the “Daechwita” singer went on surgery.