MONSTA X just got their first win on SBS's MTV 'The Show' for their latest track 'Love Killa', and fans are delighted!

On November 11, Wednesday, Hellokpop shares an exclusive report on MONSTA X's win on SBS MTV's 'The Show.' MONSTA X's 'Love Killa' gained a total of 4940 votes against AB6IX, who have 6057, and beating K-pop idol Park Jihoon with 5224 votes for their songs.

Upon the winners' official announcement, MONSTA X, who seemed to be shocked by their victory, got emotionally grateful for fans who supported them in their encore performance. MONSTA X's leader Shownu shared his speech by thanking MONBEBEs (MONSTA X's fandom) for their unending love and support for their music and non-stop voting for 'Love Killa' performance.

Shownu also expressed how big it means for MONSTA X to learn that many fans supported their latest comeback album. With a smile on his face, he ended his speech by emotionally expressing how profoundly grateful he was to MONBEBEs and the public.

Furthermore, member Minhyuk also seized the opportunity to thank all the fans and off-camera staffs who helped them all the way from the beginning up to now on behalf of MONSTA X. Minhyuk greeted and thanked their band's managing label for trusting and supporting them as they show the world their musical talents.

Minhyuk, with an adorable gesture, ended his speech by saying 'I love you, MONBEBE.'

MONSTA X's 'Love Killa'

With a bold performance in their official music video, 'Love Killa' is well-received by fans and the public for having an element of masculinity and sophistication. Adding the tension of their splendid choreography, 'Love Killa' represents MONSTA X's growth and diverse talent in music as they continue to explore more different sides of themselves.

Check out the official music video below.

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