(G)I-DLE's Yuqi has recently flaunted her transformation during a press conference, and people who saw her first in a while almost dropped their jaws for a great change on her visuals.

In the event, the cast members are given a chance pose for the camera after greeting the fans. And Yuqi, who is best known for her cute concepts, mesmerized everyone with a very womanly vibe.

A Change For The Better

Yuqi is commonly recognized for her adorable appearance complemented with outfits and makeup that matches her visuals. But on that day, she stunned everyone with her mature look.

She adorned herself with a black velvet mini dress paired with black ankle boots. She also had her hair styled in slight curls and put on neutral-toned makeup.

The singer displayed a much more fancy and ladylike look with the kind of fashion. With mature regard, Yuqi showed, her adorable personality still comes out naturally.

Fans took on their social media accounts and shared their thoughts with Yuqi's look. "Wow! She looks exquisite here and so much better compared to those baby filters she keeps using," a fan said. "She looks so enchanting and gorgeous. She seems shining in this style and hairstyle," uttered by another.

Yuqi On A New variety Show

I'm a Survivor is a new variety show which features Park Eun Ha. He is a former non-commissioned officer who was part of the 707th Counterterrorist Special Mission Battalion. He discusses in the play many catastrophic incidents that usually take place across the world. Also, it teaches the six celebrities how to survive in situations like mentioned.

Together with (G)I-DLE's Yuqi in the said program are the actress Kim Sung Ryung, comedian Kim Min Kyung, former announcer Oh Jeong Yeon, a former boxer actress Lee Si Young, and fencing Olympic gold medalist Kim Ji Yeon. Min Chul Gi directs the show.