BTS Jin has released his individual concept photo for their upcoming album “BE,” slated this November, continuing the group’s project.

In the concept photo, Jin is relaxing in a translucent room filled with gems, while he is holding one while wearing a white robe and pink pants with slippers. His room is filled with various gemstones and crystals, while he sits in the middle of it all on a purple couch.

Perhaps the theme may be a sign that the BTS member is at his most relaxed moment in the photo, and he wants to show ARMYs who he really is.

Meanwhile, Jin also released a concept video of how he curated his room. Jin shares to the ARMYs why it is crucial to love yourself.

“The point of this room, which is bedecked with gems, is that you can never tell what a jewel is and what isn’t. When I first stepped into this room, I was immediately shocked and overwhelmed by the sight of this huge gemstone, but it turns out it was me all along."

"Aren’t you absolutely mesmerized by the largest gem in this room, too? Have you perhaps forgotten along with the way that each and every one of you is a unique and precious gem? Never forget to cherish yourself, and always remember you are a sparkling gem, always remember to sparkle with confidence just like me.” Jin stated.

With that said, Jin reminds the ARMY that what makes them a precious gem is who they are inside and out. The fans are reminded that the “Love Yourself” campaign will continue with BTS’ upcoming album ”BE.”

Previously, other BTS members have also released their individual concept photos for “BE,” starting with V, Jimin, RM, and Jungkook. Each member features a different side of their personality and message to the ARMY.