After V flaunted his charming visuals in the individual concept photos for the group's upcoming self-directed album "BE," Jimin's unique and lovely looks now fill the air.

Big Hit Entertainment, on November 3, unveils two individual photos of Jimin, which shows his concept for the highly-anticipated new album "BE." Jimin, in the pictures, sits alone in a room filled with flowers. He sends his charismatic stare on the camera that is both boyish and intense at the same time. The description also reads in the SNS post, "#Curated_by_BTS #Jimin #지민."

Yesterday, November 2, V took his visual direction on the album through photos. He was the first member to star in the concept photos shared by Big Hit Entertainment.

In the tweet, a link is included guiding fans to an interactive version of the concept photo. It includes audio clips of V sharing about his room's different aspects as the "curator." The audio clips also have English subtitles.

BTS's highly-anticipated album, "BE" will be released on November 20. It features BTS's direct participation in the music, concept, design, direction, and more. The album's title track is "Life Goes On." Here are the concept clips of the album!

Jimin Becomes A Trending Topic Worldwide

After the release of Jimin's concept photos for their upcoming album through the Big Hit Entertainment, the Twitter world went gaga with the idol's mesmerizing visuals.

The ethereal visuals of Jimin are matched with the colorful and gorgeous flowers inside the room for the first photo concept. On the second, everyone was lost for words with the breathtaking close-up shot of the idol.

In an audio clip, Jimin, as the curator, explained the story behind his room.with the idol's voice and astounding definition of his concept, he made everyone impressed.

Though the photo of Jimin's room appears to be simple and straightforward, how he detailed his explanation revealed his depth and intelligence.

Within 11 minutes from the time of the posting, Jimin immediately trended No. 1 on Twitter worldwide.

Simultaneously, the idol also trended No. 1 on Japan's Twipple, No. 4 on Tsuiran, and in Yahoo Japan, No. 22. As of this time, the digits are still rising.

Furthermore, on Instagram, Jimin's photo surpassed 1 million likes in 36 minutes only. And in the Hot Category of the Korean public form, TheQoo, his image likewise trended No. 1.

"It's good to hear the voice of the docent. I like Jimin sitting alone in a room full of flowers. Flower earring is great," said a fan.