Mega-Hit Netflix's original Kingdom will be releasing a special episode on Jun Ji Hyun's character as Ashin!

Based on a webcomic by YLAB, the popular zombie drama is a story about the spread of a killer illness that creates flesh-eating zombies that threatened the entire population.

In the first season, we learned that the King is ill, or that is what the general public knows. Under orders from the King's second wife, the new queen, even the Crown prince Lee Chang (portrayed by Ju Ji Hoon) has restrictions from seeing his father.

The drama will be returning with an extension of Kingdom season two, a remarkable one-episode bonus story Kingdom: Ashin of the North. It delves deeper into the background story of Ashin, the mysterious figure Lee Chang's party encountered on their way to North searching for the secret of the resurrection plant.

At the end of season two, Ju Ji Hoon and Bae Doona's characters search for the origin of the resurrection plant. Jun Ji Hyun's character made an immense buzz among fans after she appeared in season two's ending. It gave a tiny sneak peek as the basis of what could Season three have of the mega-hit series.

Park Bung Eun, the head of the Royal Commandery, Min Chi Rok, in season two of the Kingdom, will also appear in the special episode. Viewers are excited and raised curiosity about discovering what happened to Ashin and how Min Chi Rok and Ashin's fates become mutually involved.

Director Kim Sung Hoon helmed the special episode and was in charge of the two seasons of the Kingdom's general production. Scriptwriter Kim Eun Hee will also be contributing to the writing of the special episode. She wrote the first two seasons of the Kingdom. BA Entertainment and Studio Dragon will co-produce the special episode.

The zombie drama Kingdom: Ashin of the North, which stars Jun Ji Hyun and Park Byung Eun, will be available through Netflix in 2021 worldwide.