Lee Hyori's managing label ESteem Entertainment clarified her statement concerning her comeback in the K-pop scene after five years after the Refund Sisters project. This is after she delivered her final video message to fans while doing promotional activities with Refund Sisters.

On November 2, Monday, Soompi's exclusive news revealed that a representative from Lee Hyori's agency officially debunks comeback speculations. The source stated that the video message was supposed to convey how grateful she was for the fans who sent her full support and love while doing projects with Refund Sisters.

As for the ongoing speculations circulating on social media, indicating her return to the K-pop scene, the source clarified that it was a joke. The source added that Lee Hyori was just clearly playing with words when she said, 'I'll see you all in five years.' (via SPOTVNEWS)

Furthermore, Lee Hyori also quoted, 'If five years is too long, how about three years?' The source debunks any speculations on Lee Hyori's plans on returning to the K-pop scene.

ESteem Entertainment officially announced no meaning or cryptic messages behind Lee Hyori's statement, saying, 'See you in five years.' Tune here on The KpopRerpoter for more updates on your favorite idols, comebacks, debuts, and more.

Lee Hyori's Final Message

On November 1, Sunday, Lee Hyori had her fans left hanging for more detailed explanations as she finishes her promotional activities with her project girl group 'Refund Sisters.' The girl band project consists of MAMAMOO's Hwasa, Jessie, Uhm Jung Hwa, and Lee Hyori.

In her recent message with the fans, she mentioned that she worked diligently as Chun Ok of Refund Sisters. She mentioned that the upcoming appearance of Refund Sisters on 'How Do You Play' will be their last and will soon greet the fans again after five years. (via Soompi)

Fans are surprised and confused, indicating some hidden meanings, such as comeback and music. Lee Hyori concluded her message to fans by offering them her profound gratitude for all the love and supports for her projects and music.