SEVENTEEN Hip Hop Unit gets candid with W Korea Photoshoot as they show off their visually attractive appearances. SEVENTEEN's Hip Hop Unit discusses future aspirations and goals in the following interview.

On November 1, Sunday, W Korea shared some exclusive sneak peeks on SEVENTEEN's Hip Hop unit members, S.Coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu, and Vernon. The members are indeed showing off a more mature look as they slay a black and white photo.

It is visibly seen that the young idols keep up a good body tone as they flaunt a fitted outfit in one of the W Korea shots. Fans are amazed at how the members are gradually improving their image as they channel their fiercest and genuine personalities.

In the following interview by W Korea, discussing their latest release 'Semicolon,' Wonwoo shared how their listeners and the public receiving their music are much essential for them too than the album figure sales they get. Wonwoo added that it's vital for them as musicians to get their message and emotions conveyed in the best way possible. (via Hellokpop)

As time goes by, the members are setting up one goal in their entire music career. That is to bring and produce quality music for their fans and continue pursuing goals while breaking through challenging obstacles.

Group leader S.Coups expressed how he has always intended to do promotional activities alongside SEVENTEEN co-members in the long run.

Furthermore, S.Coups shared that whatever the other members end up planning for will always have his utmost respect. Candidly expressing his kind leadership, he concluded, I'll lead the way to make that happen for us." (via W Korea)


SEVENTEEN's latest release is the boy band's current record-breaking album of all time! Fans are proud.

On October 16, 'Semicolon' managed to hit 1.1 million stock pre-orders. This achievement unlocked had enabled them to surpass their 1 million pre-orders with "Heng:garæ" earlier this year. (via Soompi)