CL held an online press conference on October 29, KST, to mark the release of her new double singles Hwa and 5STAR.

At the press conference, CL talked about her new milestone in taking a spot in Billboard "HOT 100," the support she got from 2NE1 members, and her admiration for BTS.

CL's Admiration To BTS's Achievements

CL revealed that she was thrilled with the achievements grabbed by BTS. She said that when she was young, there was no Asian pop star to achieve the milestone.

The singer continued that she admires the current music industry because everyone can now express their culture. "That's why I began promoting overseas. Now, there are many Asian and Korean artists to are being recognized."

With BTS pushing beyond the boundaries, CL can't contain but to praise the group. She even expressed that BTS indeed made the edges much lighter. The singer admitted that the road where BTS is a hard road to take, but he committed to bringing everything with diligence. "BTS is awesome."

The Independent Singer

CL is current without an agency and is working with a crew. Concerning the reason for promoting without an agency, she stated that she wanted to learn. The solo singer shared that she wants to face things head on to learn.

She also noted that she doesn't think she can learn if she put herself in a particular environment. CL knew that in making one album, an amount of time and energy from numerous people must be invested.

"I'm thrilled and proud that I was able to learn that. I also chose to do things alone because I wanted to learn what I am doing and how things are done. Honestly, I didn't know any better when promoting as a group." - CL

The well-rounded singer also revealed that the 2NE1 members supported her and had cheered on for her comeback. CL expressed that the girls give her strength even just by being at her side. "I'm just grateful to be with them because they're my closest friends."