Following the former BIGBANG Seungri's trial proceedings, prosecution charges on Yang Hyun Suk's Gambling Charges had him fined for a total of 10 million won on the grounds of positive gambling allegations.

The second trial proceedings for the former YG Entertainment's CEO happened on October 28, Wednesday, at the Seoul Western District Court in South Korea. Aside from the fact that Yang Hyun Sik side pleaded guilty to all charges during the first hearing in August, his legal representatives stressed that other proofs presented to support the claims against Yang Hyun Suk are not considered solid and enough evidence.

In June, Yang Hyun Suk had been put on trial on the grounds of traveling abroad multiple times between July 201 to January 2019, spending a total of $335,460 just on gambling. As per his second trial proceeding on the Prostitution case, his legal side emphasized that Yang Hyun Sik has no participation in the crime and any other things with Seungri. (via Naver)

Furthermore, the former YG Entertainment CEO's lawyer explained that the travel made in the United States was solely a business matter and a recreational time for them, spending a few hours to lay off stress. The lawyer added that the large amount spent on gambling is incredibly high but insisted that the defendant's camp is now genuinely reflecting on their wrongdoings and is fully aware of the action executed against the law.

The prosecution expressed their final insights on the case concerning the defendant's side; they revealed that the case was initially marked as a case of habitual gambling but reached the final verdict to sentence them with charges of gambling only.

Owing to family relatives and business personnel, they are meeting abroad. Adding the fact that they have zero gambling offenses before, the prosecution had a hard time pushing the initial case and indicted them only with gambling charges.

Due to this, Yang Hyun Suk was fined a total of 10million won for gambling offenses, those times he spent playing and the large sum of money being bet on gambling. He will be officially sentenced to gambling charges on November 27.